Prince Hall Freemasonry in Richmond set a Lodge going that would be here long after they had gone to their reward. Quinn Lodge held their meetings in the Odd Fellows Hall the first year. The second year they moved in with the Knights of Pythia; at the N.E. Corner of 6th and Main. In April 1901 another move was made to the old Quinn Hall in the 400 Block on Main St. and remained there untilfinally located in the present building.  For the first twenty-five years the hopes and aspirations of the Lodge were the ownership of a Lodge Home. It was 1908 with less than 35 members that the present location was obtained. It was then occupied by the Schneider Carriage Shop as a storage for their product. Thepurchase price was $1500.00. With a down payment of $500.00 most of which came from Adah Chapter and other financial arrangements the Lodge and Chapter moved in. However in a few months an unfriendly City Building Inspector condemned the Building for all purposes. Undaunted and with the financial support of Mr. John Dougan, President of the 2nd National Bank, the old building was wrecked and another structure was erected. The Dedication took place May 16, 1909 and was a red letter day in Quinn Lodge. After a few years it become evident that the debt was too great for the resources of the Lodge and in 1913 the Building was surrendered to the principal creditor Mr. Dougan. The Lodge continuing as a tenant at $30.00 the month.

        Following the 1st World War, many young men were enrolled in the Lodge and under the administration of John A. Wallace a movement was started to regain ownership. The organization was incorporated under the title, The Paul Quinn Masonic Building Association and by the purchase of stock by a majority of the members· of the Lodge and Chapter.

        The last dollar of indebtedness was paid October 24, 1925. Thus the dream of the "old men" who started Quinn came true. Unfortunately some of them never saw the Building, none of them ever lived to enjoy complete ownership. It is a heritage of which we should be proud and a monument to their wisdom and foresight.  Quinn Lodge entertained in 1929 the 73rd communication for the first time under its own Vine and Fig Tree.

        During the years of depression practically all of the Building Stock was redeemed. Quinn Lodge accepting it for past due Lodge indebtedness.  The Lodge and Chapter are the largest owners of Stock in the Building Corporation.  The growth of Quinn Lodge was slow and only in the past five years has it always exceeded 100.

        The organization of Malta Consistory No. 34 and Tyre Temple No. 129 of the Mystic Shrine realized the ambition of the members of Quinn Lodge to have these higher degrees in this city. Their own story of their rise and progress appears in another place in this souvenir program.  With the coming of the World War II, Quinn Lodge has continued to give such support as befitting a patriotic organization. By the purchase of War Bonds and contribution to all the special services created by War needs.

Eleven of our young men were called to the colors and all are in foreign lands.

        By action of the Lodge they are in good and regular standing for the duration and have been remembered both by the Lodge and individuals when possible by letters and gifts of various kinds.

        Quinn Lodge is proud of her past history and the fine men and women whose struggles and sacrifices have made possible the many advantages we now enjoy.

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